Bitches Be Crazy Defense: a Tale of Two Governors


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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times for two noble public servants, Gov. Bob McDonnell and Gov. Chris Christie. Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell was indicted and later found guilty on corruption charges, using the power of his office to promote business interests of a “friend” who showered the McDonnell family in $177,000 worth of gifts and loans. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was implicated in a scandal dubbed “bridge gate” when several leaked emails suggested his office conspired to create traffic on George Washington Bridge for political retaliation against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich who did not endorse Gov. Christie for re-election.

Both men quickly came forward to address those allegations and present the true guilty parties – crazy women. They gave the media the scapegoats, some sordid personal details, and the headlines wrote themselves. The politicians’ defense played on inherent sexism in our culture and gave us two stories: one of a nagging, crazy wife, and one of a woman scorned.


Remember that episode where Leslie Knope takes responsibility for something she didn’t do to protect a friend?

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Music Positive: All About That Bass



Anyone who owns a car knows, and I mean knows, every song that is popular now, knows how often that song is played and can probably guess what song is coming up. As the summer comes to an end, one of the top songs on the Pop channel is All About That Bass, by Meghan Trainor.  To me, this is a song that is an important step forward in body positive media.  While it is not perfect, for a 3 minute and 10 second song written by a 20 year old, it touches upon important issues regarding body image in both the lyrics and the video.

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DDP Welcomes New Editors!


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Great news, friends!

We have two new editors among us!

This is how we feel right now.

This is how we feel right now.

These new editors are SO AWESOME, y’all. Great things lie ahead for our blog.

Our first new editor is Erika Turner, who wrote “Go Ahead, Girl, And Play Your Beyonce” for us.

“We do the best we can with what we have. And if we can come home at the end of every battle, look in the mirror and think, “I look so good tonight. Goddamn, goddamn,” then that’s a battle fucking won.

So fuck ‘em. Go on ahead, girl, and play your Beyoncé. We’re here for this.”

Our second new editor is Hex, who wrote “Transitioning, Access, and Privilege” not too long ago.

“In fact, as people found out about my taking hormones – long before there were any actual effects – my preferred pronouns were used more consistently. I started getting requests to sit on panels or to lead trainings. In short, people became noticeably more respectful of my identity.

This is a problem I see happening over and over again in different communities. Despite rhetoric about self-identification being the most important thing, time and again I see hierarchies of who is “really” trans being constructed around who fits the dominant narrative of physical transition, mirroring our mainstream media’s obsession about the physical aspects of transition. The ones who are most respected are the ones who, like me, take medical steps to change their bodies. This ignores the fact that many people who are as legitimately trans as me choose not to or are unable to access these things.”

Please take a sec to say hi in the comments, welcome them to our community, and stay tuned for more fantastic writing from these two bright-and-shiniest of editors!

9 Sara Barreilles Empowerment Songs besides “Brave”


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Over a year ago Sara Barreilles release Brave, a song that was inspired by watching her friend struggle with coming out as gay. The song has had great success on the radio, and it’s no surprise: it’s catchy, feel-good, positive and uplifting. In case you have been living under a rock, you should check it out:

“Say what you want to say. And let the words fall out. Honestly, I want to see you be brave”

Brave, is a song explicitly about empowerment, encouraging others to be speak up for themselves and be what they want to be. It’s an empowerment “anthem” (because you have to call it an anthem, apparently) that actually acknowledges that empowerment is a process that requires courage.

Brave is not the first ‘empowerment’ song Sara Barreilles has written by any means. It’s just that Sara’s songs are not usually written so explicitly about empowerment. Usually, they are written with empowerment woven seamlessly into them.

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Wikipedia, Part III: Hidden pages


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Hello Disruptors and Wikithusiasts!

Today we begin the third installment in our fabulous series on navigating and becoming an active contributor to the free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.  We’ve talked about why this is so important, and we’ve talked about the difficulty of entering and feeling welcome in a community you’ve been marginalized from.  This week’s installment will begin our discussion about “how.”

Now if you look at the welcome links in the last post, you will see that there are a number of resources out there already, which have a great deal of information about how to edit, as well as encouragement about doing so.  The problem is, you will generally not find these unless you know where to look.

Mist through a forest

Enter the mists of Wikiland…

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This is a Ferguson Omnibus


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If you’ve looked at a computer or television screen in the last week, you’ve probably heard something about Ferguson, MO and a boy named Michael Brown. Perhaps you’ve heard a lot of conflicting stories. Let’s gets some facts straight.

This is Michael Brown. He was 18 years old when he was murdered by Officer Darren Wilson.

This is Michael Brown, on the right. He was 18 years old when he was murdered by Officer Darren Wilson.

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