Making Of

Early this winter, our illustrious founder, Stevia, asked me if I knew any blogs to which she could submit guest posts. I rattled off a few, but then suggested that we could get a bunch of people together to create our own feminist blog. We were both super-pumped about the idea. Over the next few weeks we reached out to feminist friends, who met our invitations with equal excitement, and even recruited some excellent feminist friends of their own. I honestly find nothing more awesome than creating with kickass, inspiring friends, so their enthusiasm just got me all the more jazzed to make this feminist blog thing a reality.

We spent over a month on a gigantic email thread, introducing ourselves and hammering out the details of what, exactly, we wanted this to become. Each reply to that epic email conversation filled me with love and anticipation for the awesome community we were in the process of building. Today, we’re proud to launch Disrupting Dinner Parties, a blog about feminism and social justice.


So what did we decide on that 60+ email thread? First of all, it was pretty unanimous that feminist blogging made our hearts race with joy. We told each other of our dreams of drawing cartoons, video blogging, writing book reviews, reflecting on our own experiences, analyzing pop culture, and reporting on current events. We all talked about which aspects of feminism we were most involved in, from immigrant rights to sexual education, from international conflict to body image. We wanted to spend time thinking and writing about womanism, women in science and politics and business, transgender and transitioning, hip hop and feminism, bisexuality and labeling, rape culture and sexual assault, fitness culture, feminism in the environmental movement, mental health, masculinity, media portrayals of queer people, portrayal of black female bodies, class, community-building, gender performance, gender and kink, polyamory, policy, queer issues, global health, circus arts, sex positivity, social dance, safer sex negotiation, and OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THIS BLOG.

What We Add

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but there is no shortage of feminist and social justice blogs on ye olde interwebs: Feministing is a favorite of mine, but Shakesville, Tiger Beatdown, Autostraddle, and Feministe are also giants in the field, not to mention countless others. So why throw our collective hat into the ring? What can we say that isn’t already being said more forcefully and eloquently by our sisters-in-arms?

Even if the answer is nothing, why should that stop us? Feminism and social justice struggles are important enough and have long enough journeys ahead of them that every voice matters.

Besides, the answer’s not nothing. Our voices are valuable. We come to this blog bringing our unique experiences, our own ways of viewing and explaining the phenomena that shape our lives. Our journeys and our thoughts are important. There are valuable conversations happening, and we want to be a part of them. The world needs all of us, and you too, gentle reader, to be a part of these conversations, whether it’s by stirring up mischief on another feminist blog, or simply disrupting a dinner party.


So, we’ve decided to be a part of the important conversations, the ones about race and gender and ability and class and all manner of systems that hurt some people to the benefit of others. And conversation is central to what we’re looking to create with this little project of ours. Take a gander at our bios page and you’ll realize that there are kind of a lot of us, with varied perspectives and experiences. If all goes according to plan, Disrupting Dinner Parties will be a venue for us to learn from each other, even disagree with each other, and grow thanks to each other.

But we’re also eager to have a conversation with you! Yes, you, sitting there on the other side of the computer screen. There are three ways you can thrill us by joining our conversation. First, you can comment, of course. Second, we’d love to have you respond to something we said on your own blog. And, what will make us the most ecstatic bloggers in the entire world, you can write a guest post for us! We especially encourage you to do this if you think there’s an important issue that we’re not covering. We may have blind spots, and we’re hoping that you, our readers, can help us eliminate them. With that said, welcome to Disrupting Dinner Parties; we look forward to having this conversation with you!