To make myself feel better about operating in/having my soul crushed by a capitalist society, I sometimes make lists of the ways in which I operate outside of/along alternate paths within the system. Here are some of the things I do:

1. Get myself (bike) to work
2. Cut my own hair.
3. Make my own pizza dough, barbecue sauce, buttermilk, empanada dough, granola, tortilla chips, hummus, chicken stock, chicken wings, yogurt, cheese, salad dressing, fried pickles…you get the picture.
4. Fix the toilet.
5. Compost and prep soil on my land.
6. Grow vegetables and flowers.
7. Pickle vegetables.
8. Make my own holiday cards.
9. Donate and request books through Paperback Swap.
10. Get clothes from friends or clothing swaps.
11. Take online courses through Coursera.
12. Use home remedies like: ginger tea for a stomachache, olive oil for chapped lips, oatmeal baths for dry/itchy skin, face massages for headaches and baking-powder-and-vinegar scrubs for poison ivy or bug bites.
13. Steam fancy clothes in the bathroom when I take a shower.
14. Make rabbit toys out of wine corks, cardboard, girl scout cookie boxes and old Advil containers.
15. Use old toothbrushes, baking soda, and vinegar as cleaning supplies.
16. Live in a group house/share utilities and space with other people.
17. Keep the number of belongings I have to a minimum so I don’t have to hire movers to relocate.
18. Build my own raised bed to garden in and make a composter out of a tin garbage can, hammer, and nails.
19. Wrap presents in newspaper or brown bags.
20. Wash plastic sandwich bags.
21. Take advantage of free events like art nights, live music, and movie screenings.

What do you do?