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So, I saw this quoted on facebook, in reference to the Steubenville rapists.

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Tumblr screenshot, source.

It reads:

nextyearsgirl: If teenage boys are “blameless” for acting on their natural hormones like wild animals, then we should lock them up until they either become domesticated or put them down. If you’re going to act like a rabid dog you get treated like a rabid dog.

50piecenuggets: How about we treat them like human beings BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS

assistantt0theregionalmanager: they sure as hell didn’t treat that girl like a human being

This “rabid dog” analogy made me think of an excellent post over at the Pervocracy that I’d read a while back, on The Myth of the Boner Werewolf. Which is pretty much the most excellent name I’ve ever seen for the idea that men just can’t control themselves when they get aroused and it’s ridiculous to expect them to, so what happens next is the fault of whomever aroused them.

My response to my friend on fb, and my general response when that idea comes up, is wonder at why more men are not offended by that idea. Because it seems like it’s super prevalent. Like, no you can’t just ask a guy to stop in the middle of some sex something, that’s insane. Or, you can’t expect a guy to not take advantage of a defenseless girl when he sees an opportunity for sex. That’s just not how men are wired!

So I’d love to hear from guys on this. What are you reactions when you see narratives that include that idea on the news? How do you react when people treat this like common knowledge/ accepted wisdom/ something obvious in personal conversations or in groups of friends? General thoughts on the topic?

(Happy Sunday?)