Ok, Smith college. Your recent asshattery has been covered more intelligently and in-depth than I’ll ever manage here and here and by an aspiring Smithie herself here. But since I attended you, and since I fought with you about these specific issues (and others, ya jerk), I thought I’d weigh in. Again.

I will give you three good reasons why it is not ok to bar trans women from Smith:

1. They are women

Thumbs up for inclusivity!

2. They are women

Yaaaay I get seventy cents to a man’s dollar CELEBRATE

3. They are women.

Kesha, master of the “duh” face.

Seriously, Smith, we’ve been over this. You were FOUNDED to provide a place for a group of historically marginalized people–women. In the words of your founder, Sophia Smith, you were established “with the design to furnish for my own sex means and facilities for education equal to those which are afforded now in our colleges to young men.” Since then, you’ve provided a great education, and a great college home, for some women. I think you were maybe selectively listening to old Sophia, though, because you just keep dicking over the most vulnerable Smithies. Remember the 80s? When your Alumnae Association dicked over queer women so badly they formed a response organization? Remember this*? When you published a letter from an alum who misses when Smith was white-washed and straight-washed?

And now, Calliope and Bryn Kelly.

Smith, barring teenagers who haven’t had the time or money to get sex-reassignment surgery and get their legal IDs changed before they apply to college is not cool. Barring people who identify as female, live as female and are subject to the same discrimination (if not more discrimination for also being transgender) that other women face from attending your hallowed halls because they were assigned a male legal sex AT BIRTH is not cool. PLEASE STOP. Go back to your roots. Extend an education to all qualified women. Poor women are women. Lesbians are women. Trans women are women. This is not rocket science.

*Which spurred this amazing tumblr, and my response.