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Yep, let’s talk some more about how I like Taylor Swift.

I need a line break here.
“We are never ever getting back together” is fucking excellent in pretty much every possible way.

It’s delicious ear candy, but it also has an important message for girls (and guys) everywhere- at some point, some relationships are just not worth it, even if you love the person.

I think this is especially awesome because too often you’re told that:

(1) all you need is love (love is all you need), and
(2) the more you sacrifice for love the more real your love is. Which leads people (and certainly led me as a teenager and college student) to invest heavily in relationships that are not really even very fun, because my pain felt validating. Putting up with shit just proved that I was willing to work hard for a relationship and was a good partner.

This can affect people regardless of gender, but because the “emotional work” of relationships in our culture disproportionately falls to women- because being introspective and emotional is seen as a feminine thing/ unmanly, I think in practice this disproportionately affects women.

“We are never ever getting back together” refutes that. Swift at one point intones “this is exhausting,” and declares it really, really over. I cheer every time I get to that part. Yeah! I think, walking away from a shitty relationship like a grownup!

Because you are allowed to take care of yourself, OK?

(and… there’s still no “one.”)