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I adore Amy Poehler with a passion, y’all. Just look at this montage from Parks & Rec, in which her character, Leslie Knope, is trying to convince a sexist ranger that she was responsible for a gun accident.

Oh, Amy.

ALSO: SHE THANKED DOMESTIC WORKERS. All caps, friends. That’s how impressive and important I think that is. There are certain jobs our society undervalues and underpays: jobs usually held by women, or people of color, the jobs reserved for those who lack privilege. Amy had less than three minutes at that microphone, and she spent a minute of it thanking the women who help her love her children by name, celebrating domestic and childcare workers in general, and reminding us of the true value of their work.


And have you seen her “Ask Amy” series with thoughtful, feminist, level advice for girls?  My heart melts. IT MELTS.


Oh, and then there’s work on SNL, especially her genius depiction of Hillary Clinton with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Ah, those heady days of feminist angst in the 2008 election!

.And this fantastic SNL appearance with Seth Meyers responding to that awful Senate birth control hearing with no women. 

I’d love to hear from you: What are your favorite feminist videos? Who are your favorite feminists? Which other celebs are doing awesome feminist work? What about historical badass ladies?