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Hey, y’all:

There’s already a pretty excellent discussion going on in the comments over on Logan‘s post My Strength is not for Hurting, re: relationships between men and women, expectations, and men’s “provider role.”

I encourage you to go on over to Logan’s post and contribute to that discussion today.

I’d also love to declare this comment thread a place to talk about definitions of masculinity. Historical, current, ideal, theoretical, attractive, unattractive, exceptions, personal stories, let’s hear any and all of that.

How do you define masculinity?

To kickstart talkin’, let’s watch this video:


That is three men dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, with her choreo, but dressed in menswear. Are they being masculine? Why or why not?

And let’s look at this photo:

kurt cobain in a dress cover of request magazine


That is Kurt Cobain, on the cover of a magazine, in a dress. That many women wanted to fuck Cobain, and many men wanted to be him, is not a thing that is debatable. That was also not an isolated occurrence. There are many pictures of Cobain in dresses.

Was he masculine? Why or why not? Could a rock star “get away” with that now? Why or why not?