Happy Saturday, Disruptors! We read a LOT this week! Here’s a rundown of all the interesting things we’ve been sending to each other and talking about behind the scenes. As always, you are encouraged to share what you’ve been reading (or writing) in the comments below.


  • “Do you know what the funny thing is about mixed signals, OCC? In most instances mixed signals are actually one loud, clear, unmistakable signal: “I’m a fucking mess! Run! Run! Run!””
  • A woman suggests that you might have a problem if you haven’t interviewed at least one woman when filling a programming position. Commenters call her combative and suggest women simply can’t program because we can’t handle logic puzzles.
  • A video of a men’s rights activist obtusely misunderstanding the feminist Nice Guy ™ criticism.
  • Is the main character of this webcomic about to start dating a trans friend of his?
  • On publications trying to act like the Tsarnaev brothers aren’t white.
  • Things no one will tell fat girls…SO I WILL. (We discussed how beauty should not be equated to self worth, but in a culture where beauty does carry a certain amount of self-worth and privilege, it’s important to make sure that people with all bodies have a way to find their own way to that type of social currency.)
  • How the 3/5 live: “They know that, when we are poor, it is not often because of bad breaks, bad investments, or passing on the right kinds of plentiful opportunities. It is because we were written into the annals of this country’s history as 3/5 human and, centuries later, we are still seen by many as such.”
  • How to really help the homeless. “That uncomfortable feeling you get, though? That has a name. It’s called INEQUALITY.”
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  • This reminded us of Logan’s recent article. “I know that butch can be an identity that is respectful, careful, tender, and good. I know that we can be empowered without using our power in a way that hurts people. Our masculinity doesn’t have to have a body count.” (the editor who sent this included a warning: Warning re: the article I sent. Some transphobia in the comments. However, other commenters are pretty awesome generally about calling that shit out. Also, interesting discussions about patriarchy and sexism in the comments.)
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates on natural African-American hair, including clips from the delightful Melissa Harris Perry.
  • T/W for description of rape: “The one time I’d seen a woman react furiously to such treatment, everyone laughed at her and said how over the top she was and how unreasonable when he didn’t mean anything by it.”…”And then society tells us that it’s our fault we were raped, because we didn’t do the thing they call us hysterical bitches for, when we do do it.  I didn’t act like the unreasonable bitch everyone had laughed at when he first overstepped my boundaries, so it was my fault he raped me.”
  • FDA expands Plan B access to teens, but not enough.
  • The alt text kills me.
this might take a while. we have way more of them than you do.

Click the image to read Joey’s awesome commentary on the comic.

  • On Danny Brown and recognizing sexual assault with male victims (T/W for sexual assault)
  • Miss X: Where are the female scientists here? Fuck you pseudo liberals!
    Skylar: Token Marie Curie isn’t enough for you Miss X?
    Logan: Marie Curie….the name rings a bell…that’s the lady who ate cake while her husband invented radium, right?
    Skylar: I know she baked the cake. I don’t know if she actually ate it…
  • Sorry, Slate, no can do! Audre Lorde was using disrupt way before it was cool.
  • “You own your body, and if you, as a consenting adult, choose to have sex with another consenting adult, the state should not have the right to say, “No, we don’t approve of your reason for having sex, so we are declaring your act to be a crime and arresting you both.” It does not matter if you decided to have sex because someone bought you dinner, or because they offered you a diamond ring, or if they offered you a hundred dollars.”
  • A woman jockey is in the running for a Kentucky Derby win (she would be first ever female jockey to win KD)
  • Bridie: “Meghan Tonjes is one of my favorite youtubers. In this video she talks about her insecurities and asked her followers to share theirs; I really love it because it’s body positivity and also resonates really strongly with my belief that one of the best ways to dispel insecurities is to be open about them.”