Happy weekend, Disruptors! And, for those in DC, happy Pride! Here’s what we’ve been reading this week. Let us know what you’ve been reading (or writing!) in the comments.

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  • The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference, which is really cool and almost entirely free to attend, is next weekend (June 13th-15th)! It has tons of talks, discussions, and workshops for Trans* people and their families and allies on health, wellness, community, and political issues. Check it out here.
  • Apologize for the pronoun BS in the first couple of paragraphs but after 20 years in the Navy, 13 deployments (7 being combat deployments), a purple heart and a bronze star, Kristin Beck is the first Navy SEAL to come out as transgender. Of particular note (besides the obvious) is:

    Although many hailed the repealing of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) as a victory for all LGBT people, most don’t know that for those who are transgender, the discriminatory policy lives on. Because of “psychological and medical restrictions,” anyone who identifies as transgender is still currently banned from serving in the armed forces and risks being fired for coming out.

  • Marissa Alexander‘s abusive husband threatened to kill her. She fired a warning shot near him as she attempted to escape. She is serving a 20 year mandatory sentence, because a jury convicted her of aggravated assault after a mere twelve minutes of deliberation.
  • Canadian/Australian cartoon in which a boy puts on a ring that dresses him up like a girl superhero. We’re gonna check it out later on teh YouTubes to see if it’s amazing. We hope it’s amazing. In the meantime, some expected batshit transphobia.
  • With the Senate Armed Services Committee debating the issue of sexual assault in the military this week, here are some important misconceptions that need addressing.
  • Beatriz was granted a “c-section” to save her life – an ideologically motivated, disingenuous move that caused her more pain, elevated her risk and will cause her lifelong health problems that as a poor rural woman she will not be able to have treated. And media outlets like the New York Times are buying the bullshit.
  • A social studies teacher, in a graduation speech, told the female students, “We don’t need more women CEOs; we need more women as invested mothers” BUT IT’S OK GUYS because he told the boys to be fierce protectors and providers. Elizabeth Nolan Brown responds:

    Seriously, it’s shocking, I know, but neither do women’s ovaries shrivel up when they enter a boardroom, nor do they stop giving a hoot about their offspring as soon as they get a corner office. Female CEOs (as well as lady lawyers, graphic designers, truckers, bloggers, nurses, sales reps, etc.) are not only physically capable of bearing children but also still capable of loving and caring for them. It’s almost like women are much like men, who have long been both fathers and workers without everyone’s heads exploding.

  • With Matt Smith leaving Dr. Who, is the world ready for a non-white-bro Doctor? The internets say…maybe??
  • Our eyes are on Turkey. This is some good background info, though it’s from earlier in the week: This briefing on Talking Points Memo covers the main points pretty well. 
    One of our friend’s has been signal boosting this piece (from someone he knows, we think). And finally, an NYT analysis piece.
  • Wow, fuck you Veet: relevant to our discussion about shaving.
  • Mississippi, why are you the antithesis of clever?

    “It is a lot easier for politicians to talk about protecting young women than it is for them to talk about adequate sex education, access to contraception, looking at multigenerational poverty, making sure we have an adequately funded education system,” she said. “All of these things have been shown to decrease the teen pregnancy rate.”

  • Who cares if women are passing important legislation, when we can talk about their purses!
  • Facebook nipple sexism!
  • Logan: Don’t be fat if you want a PhD in evo psych.
    Miss X: Can we just admit that an advanced degree in evo psych is just a degree in douchebaggery?
  • New development in treating schizophrenia using computer-built avatars.
  • Boy Scouts joined Mormon allies at Utah Pride, and defied policy by marching in uniform.
  • Sorry Onion, straw-feminist still not funny. Try again.
  • This week in Sexist Jerks Appropriating Feminist Icons: Swiffer tries to put Rosie the Riveter back in the kitchen. I don’t know about you, but I’m #notbuyingit.


    PS: They responded to our tweet and apologized:
    Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.14.05 PM


  • Girls who are Syrian refugees are marrying underage in order to not starve.
  • Well-tailored suits and lingerie: not equivalent.
  • This had us giggling. What kind of people say “make me a sandwich”
    Skylar: But srsly. How can ppl read books out of enjoyment?
  • Kate Winslet is pregnant with her third child from her third husband and the media is not fond…Also shows a complete lack of reciprocity for men with multiple children from multiple marriages.

    “Who knows why her second marriage broke down, but we cannot presume it is her fault alone and that she should be banned from procreating again.”

  • A Texas Court found a man not guilty for shooting a 23 year old escort who didn’t have sex with him.
  • Some of the editors here can relate.
  • The FBI raided the house of the leader of Anonymous’s Steubenville activism.
  • I really thought this article was going to be satire, but no… a Christian blog tells women not to wear bikinis because if you do, you’ll be like a yummy piece of chocolate cake, following men around tempting them to eat you. Really.
  • This article is a response to a piece about an all-male performance of Shakespeare that was popular in England.

    “Let me make this clear: I have no interest in making the theater a more equitable art form. It does me no good to democratize theater and let women participate for the sake of letting women participate. However, I do have an interest in making theater better, and I think women can do that.”

  • Off topic but file under “Because, Florida”: We really wish we were kidding but Escaped Llama Tasered by Police… We hear it was making threatening gestures with its hooves and resisting arrest.
  • Hidden camera: two actors one white, one black are pretending to steal a bike in broad daylight. No one tries to stop the white actor, while the black actor is immediately confronted.
  • Tropes vs. Women: Damsel in Distress Part 2