Hello and happy weekend, Disruptors!

I want to apologize for not posting a “what we’re reading” last week. To be honest, it’s very time consuming on a day of the week when I’, usually very busy with other plans. So we’ll be making some changes.

Each week, I’ll post just 10 links from the many that the DDP editors email to each other. Then, the other editors will comment with any other posts they feel we should share. You, as always, are not only welcome but encouraged to comment with links to articles you read this week as well as any blog posts or articles you’re written that you think our readership would enjoy. Promote yourselves!

Today, I’ll post about 20, from last week and this. Enjoy!

    • TW for reactions to rape: “Twelve things no one told me about sex after rape.”
    • Bridie said, “This article is pushing my revolutionary buttons!” On the rise of unpaid work and classism: “Meritocracy is a zombie reanimated by debt.”
    • A queer parent’s love letter to the (female) father of her kids
    • What LGBT rights and pro-choice movements have in common:

      “Both of our movements seek to define, build, and celebrate a diversity of families. This includes the right to control what you do with your body, the agency to choose whom to love and be intimate with, the ability to decide how and when to build a family, and the power to build a community that reflects and protects these values.”

    • If you’ve been wondering what rape culture is, just read this article. It’s dripping from every damn line. If you’re ever like, “Yeah, but do people really think entering a bedroom is consent? I mean, come on, feminists- it’s a total straw man to claim that peaople think leaning your head against someone while you’re asleep is consent to a sexual activity!” then read this article.
    •  Praise for “Man of Steel” and criticism of the boring cliched romances in most superhero movies.
    • Some detailed historical background for tension between the trans community and HRC.
    • Obama’s administration has made a small change to the Social Security Administration that could be a huge boon for the trans community (written by Mara Kiesling, who is mentioned in the article above).
    • A tumblr for queer Muslims
    • Turns out if you don’t treat rape victims like they are suspects, they will be a lot better able to recount enough of the story to catch their rapist. Also flat affect, trouble piecing together a story line, and not fighting off an attacker are signs of trauma and fear, not signs that the survivor is lying. Science!
    • Powerful piece on the slings and arrows of life immersed in a sexist culture. Seriously worth the read.
    • Adorable six-year-old Coy Mathis, who is transgender, has won a court case allowing her to use the girl’s bathroom at school.
    • A letter to allies about actually being allies (re: street harassment)
    • Privilege 102: It’s not just about classism! One of our editors’ friends wrote this! Woot!
    • This Supreme Court decision limits the legal options for people harassed in the workplace.
    • An adorable collection of family photos of multiracial families, in a photoblog formed to combat the racist backlash to this Cheerios ad.
    • DOMA is dead! Hurray! Celebrate with this heartwarming collection of wedding photos.
    • This Effing Dykes post is aimed at queer ladies with little sexual experience, but is really relevant to anyone who needs a reminder that good sex = enthusiastic about pleasing your partner + enthusiastic about your partner pleasing you
    • Immigration reform passed the US Senate– will it pass the House?
    • We have been reading a lot about  Rachel Jeantel‘s testimony in George Zimmerman’s trial, and the classism, racism, and othering apparent in people’s reactions to it.