This article on exercising to get strong and feel good instead of adhering to the intense cultural imperative to work out solely for weight loss is great. And, as Jenny Talia recently pointed out, female-bodied people publicly expressing pride in their strength and athleticism is still a fairly radical action. So I decided to put together a post of pictures of me being strong:

Hanging from trees like a boss.

Getting ready to “fly” during a trapeze lesson. Like a boss.

Oh you don’t catch Frisbees with your face oh, my bad.

Reaching out for the catch during a trapeze lesson, like a boss.

Climbing up the overhang, like a boss.

Sucker-punching a hydrangea, like a boss.

Limping down a hill after wiping out on a snowboard no less than thirty times, like a boss.

Climbing around in a tree, like a boss.

Holding a heavy-ass windsurfing sail up, like a boss.


Wrestling ladies in a 100% denim outfit, like a boss.

Controlling a thousand-pound animal with my calves and two leather strings, like a boss.