Happy weekend, Disruptors! I hope you’re staying cool in this heat, and that you have many fun plans for these glorious summer days.

As a reminder, I made a small change to the format of this post to help it be more sustainable. I’ll only be posting ten of the things we emailed back and forth to each other this week. One thing that hasn’t changed: I highly urge you all to comment with more links to interesting articles, videos, or images–including ones you’ve created!

  • Now then, let’s start out with a song to get you grooving as you click and read away. Mélange Lavonne raps against anti-gay hate. I could listen to this song on repeat:
  • Here’s a funny short story about the bizarre vision of masculinity peddled by men’s magazines: Miss Laura’s School for Esquire Men
  • This is how to use your privilege to support movements for safe and inclusive communities. John Scalzi earns total ally cred by refusing to participate in cons that don’t have (and take seriously) a harassment policy.
  • I don’t know why we bothered to comment on Reyes’s delightful posts, because The Toast has just hilariously catalogued for us every comment ever on articles about shaving your pubic hair.
  • And then there’s this video of Lauren Zuniga performing “Confessions of an Uneducated Queer,” which gave me all the feelings:
  • Sexist Wikipedia editors punish-edit the articles of women who speak out against sexist Wikipedia editing practices. A stupid, vicious cycle.
  • Fandom often “corrects” oppression in the original work, as in This Could Have Been Frozen, a tumblr imagining Disney’s next princess as a woman of color or an indigenous woman. And this writer explains why race wasn’t the only thing Disney got wrong- they gutted the original fairy tale of a full, diverse cast of female characters.
    frozen poc
  • An Oregon school system is designating unisex bathrooms in response to pressure by transgender students. Shout out to those transgender high school students, and all the local activists across the world fighting the smaller battles on the ground every day to make life better for those who come after.
  • Here’s a roundup of the recent Supreme Court decisions.

    Overall judgment: recent Supreme Court cases have set back the rights of marginalized people massively: the exceptions were DOMA and the sex worker case, but these exceptions can’t and shouldn’t overshadow the regressive and oppressive trend.

  • Fifteen examples of anti-gay discrimination that conservatives want to preserve, including many examples of refusing to serve gay couples, and this:

    Last year, Gallaudet University suspended its chief diversity officer for helping challenge Maryland’s marriage equality law at the ballot. She refused to apologize, seeming to compromise her responsibility to ensure that LGBT employees and students at the university are not subject to discrimination. She suggested she might seek compensation for the suspension, but she has since been reinstated.