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Hey DDPeople, have you seen this one? I’m guessing yes, because it’s been spattered all over my news feed for over a month now. Go ahead and watch it or watch it again.

Did you think that was funny? Fuck you.

Why this video pisses me off so much: it’s pretty clearly set up as a “so funny because it’s true!” joke.

Just what, exactly, are we supposed to be laughing at the truth of, though?

  • That women are emotional creatures to the point of impracticality.
  • That women are oblivious to concrete problems.
  • That men are just trying to help when they ignore women’s emotions.
  • That if the woman would just LISTEN to the MAN who is TRYING to tell her how to solve her problem, she’d be so much better off.

This video calls women stupid and men (unemotional) problem solvers with every frame.

Further, it invalidates emotional expression in general. There is not a zero sum game going on with emotions versus logistics in interpersonal conflict. But boy would this video like you to believe that there is. Address one or the other, people. Get with the program. (And the emotional side is the dumb one, and it’s for women. The practical side is the only real one, and it’s solved by men. Who, are not the emotional ones, don’t forget that part.)

Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you patriarchy.