Beloved friends, we’ve made it to another Saturday! You know what that means: time for the DDP editors to give you a little peek at the many articles we send back and forth to each other (with discussion and snark, which you are welcome to replicate in the comments section) throughout the week.

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  • I bet you can guess which editor wrote this: “This new Youtube series, “Sexplanations,” is BASICALLY THE BEST THING EVER. Funny, matter-of-fact, body-positive, sex-positive, accessible, with great production values. I want this to be shown in every high school. Actually in every middle school. And also to the vast majority of adults. Also I want Lindsey to be my big sister. Also I want ice cream? But that’s unrelated and just kind of a constant state.

    (Spoiler: it was Bridie.)
  • California prisons illegally sterilized, like, 150 women, with the coercion continuing as recently as 2010. You know, just in case you thought this kind of racist, sexist bullshit was a thing of the past. Remember, reproductive rights are about more than just abortion.

    We are stuck in a hierarchy of traditional reproductive rights activism, which has historically placed abortion as its primary concern, and other issues, like forced sterilization, far below. Unfortunately, this has everything to do with what types of violence against women spark the most outrage and, ultimately, what kinds of women matter more than others.

  • Amazingly brave Afghan activist for girls’ safe access to schools, and assassination attempt survivor, Malala Yousafzai, celebrated her sixteenth birthday by delivering a speech to the United Nations.
  • For most of Western history, from Ancient Greece to the beginning of the nineteenth century, women were considered to be more sexual and less able to control their desires. Of course, this was used to justify restrictions on their behavior, just as the cultural assumption that men are more sexual is used to… justify restrictions on women’s behavior. FASCINATING. It’s a good things our cultural assumptions are now completely correct and in line with the science of EVOLUTION. Which I know all about because we studied hominids in the fifth grade.*
  • Holly McNish’s poem about breastfeeding in public is powerful, y’all.
  • Here’s an article about masculine suits tailored for female bodies. (Though we had some discussions about the 101-style language in the article.) On the flip side, here’s a picture of an awesome person in a skirt:

    Courtesy of

    Courtesy of

  • Anti-feminicide group Ni Una Más is erecting pink crosses at the locations of where the bodies of women killed because of their gender are recovered in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. This is what the Drug War looks like.

    Since 1993, more than 600 girls and women have been tortured, raped, and murdered in and around Cd. Juárez, a city in northern México that shares a border with El Paso, Texas. Thousands of missing women from this area are also believed to be victims of this feminicide…The common social, economic, and physical characteristics of the victims suggest that the perpetrators specifically target women who fit this description.  Further, the ritual mutilation and symbolic placement of murdered bodies around the city indicates that drug cartels, among other organized crime groups, use the bodies to ‘mark their territory’ in the bloody battle for money and control at the U.S.–México border.

  • We are very excited for the launch of this new blog! They’re soliciting articles for their launch on August 20 1st, so if you want to write something about awesome women (and, frankly, why wouldn’t you?) get in touch with them!

    This will be a website all about women kicking ass, even when the dice are loaded against her. We believe that, while stories of rape and oppression and sexism belong in an honest discussion about the status of women, so do stories about women kicking ass and doing incredible stuff.

  • Half of the new 2013 NASA astronaut candidate class (4 out of 8) is women:

    Christina has engineering and physics degrees and a masters in electrical engineering, and has spent winters in places such as Antarctica doing research.

    Nicole has a mechanical engineering degree and is a qualified pilot in the US Marine Corps, as well as a brilliant soccer player.

    Anne is a pilot/command intelligence officer/rugby player/scuba diver that also has degrees in public health and international studies.

    Jessica has degrees in biology, space studies and marine biology, is a pilot/scuba diver/ice diver, and is an assistant professor at Harvard medical school.

  • And, finally, please enjoy this vintage photo of a young gay couple in a garden a century ago:

    Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum Collection in Sydney, Australia

    Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum Collection in Sydney, Australia

* “I know because I studied hominids in the fifth grade” has become a running reference among the editors, in homage to this bit of satirical genius.