Another week has passed and it’s that time again. Time to give you a sneak peek into the background workings of this blog and all the links we send each other during the week and talk about. Let us know what you think or what other things you’ve been reading this week in the comments!

If you don’t think this is rape, we should sit down and have a talk.

  • In other comic news, a new cartoon series is being made featuring the first woman super hero for Pakistan, “The Burka Avenger

“The Burka Avenger is the brainchild of Aaron Haroon Rashid, a Pakistan pop star, who wanted to create a positive role model to counter the Taliban’s ongoing opposition to girls’ education.”

  • And in comic movie news, Marvel has apparently cast Glenn Close as Nova-Prime (supreme leader of the Nova Corps and a typically male role) in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie
  • Street harassment doesn’t always take the form of sexual entitlement/objectification; racial objectification is similarly problematic and the privileged reactions are almost identical
  • If you’ve been around Facebook you’ve probably seen some case studies of people claiming “white racism” in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict. This post breaks down one of these false equivalency narratives incredibly thoroughly
  • As a reminder, this youth-led peaceful occupation of the Florida state capitol was on day 4 as of July 23rd. They are requesting Gov. Rick Scott to call a special session of the state legislature to address issues of “racial profiling, the ‘school-to-prison pipeline’ and the state’s Stand Your Ground law”.
  • USC is currently facing a federal investigation brought by several sexual assault victims last year based on the ineptitude or ignorance of the university to deal with sexual assault investigations. This story, however, uncovers a particularly disturbing rape culture assumption: “Because he didn’t orgasm, it wasn’t a crime.”
  • The phenomenon of social media can bring sexual assault cases into the light, publicly shaming perpetrators and triggering action and awareness. However, their circulation is usually devastating to the victim
  • Here are some really important things to consider so that you’re not sexually objectifying or subjectifying your barista. Or just woman you don’t know. Or woman you do know. Just read it.
  • And finally here is a SUPER handy list of 101 everyday things you can do to be an ally to women. Spread the word!