Happy Weekend, Disruptors!

Y’all know the drill at this point: we read stuff and we love sharing it all with you. Check out this week’s links and let us know in the comment’s what you’ve been reading, writing, and thinking about!

  • What do you get when you mix Texts from Last Night with Disney? Hilarity. Check out what Disney’s Ladies and Gents said last night!
Source: disneyladiesfromlastnight.tumblr.com

Disney Ladies on fat shaming. Source: disneyladiesfromlastnight.tumblr.com

  • Read the [NSFW] Gawker comment thread in which Rosie, as Driv, gets told she’s probs not fun at parties because she pointed out the bucketloads of sexism (+ bonus derailing!) they were throwing in Lindsay Lohan’s direction. Obviously, they haven’t read Pavlov’s Black Gloves.
  • TW for rape, incest, and child sexual abuse. “The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia”: A reporter returns to a conservative Mennonite colony in Bolivia where several men had been arrested in 2011 for the systematic drugging and rape of most of the colony’s women. She finds that the colony’s men have been blocking numerous offers of therapy and resources, the women are told to forgive their attackers or forego heaven, sexual abuse is still rampant, and she receives reports that the drugged rapes are still going on. This is a long article, but gripping.
  • Awesome: Transgender photo project. This guy was one editor’s favorite.
Visible Bodies, A Transgender Photo Project

Visible Bodies: Transgender Narratives Retold

That’s it for us! As always, we love hearing what you’re reading and writing in the comments!