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We have often decried the dearth of women in film. This article expresses so well the frustration I feel. It talks about how even though we have all these “break-out” movies with female leads that make a killing at the box office (Bridesmaids, Hunger Games, The Heat etc), we are still not actually getting more movies with women in the leading roles. And last week Forbes published an article highlighting gender pay gap in movies (top 10 highest paid actors in Hollywood made 2.5 times more than 10 highest paid actresses). The folks at Forbes think that the lack of lead roles for women in highest grossing movies is the major cause of this pay gap.

With women comprising only 28.4% of the speaking roles in 2012, new movie coming out this weekend, In a World, is a breath of fresh air. Written and directed by Lake Bell, who is also the star of the movie, the film won the Sundance Film Festival’s Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award. Lake Bell plays a vocal coach who tries to break in into male-dominated field of movie trailer voice-overs.

Trailer with subtitles here.

In a World opens for wide release this weekend Friday August 16th. Not only is this great entertainment, it is also a chance to put your money where your mouth is. In Hollywood (and arguably in the US) you vote with your money, so go see it. Go see it the opening weekend, and by that I mean Friday or Saturday, because they come out with box office numbers on Sunday morning. Go see it this weekend because opening weekend numbers have increased in importance. Watch it because Lake Bell is awesome and journalists are still sexist.

In an interview with John Oliver on The Daily Show, Lake Bell talks about a condescending journalist who literally told her “Aw, look at you, it’s like you’re like a real director” after her exchange with the show’s techs.

Last time I went to see a movie at a theater I saw The Heat, the time before that, Lore. You know where to find me this weekend, see you there?