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Trigger warning for violence.

Hey Susan, did you hear? There was a shooting this morning.
Sitting at my desk, a huge shock at first;
A subtle understanding, a callous, calming numbness;
I’m fine, my friends are too–why worry?

Hey Susan, did you hear? Four are confirmed dead.
I shouldn’t interrupt my work.
Best to put it out of mind.
I’ll put the news on now, but low.

Hey Susan, did you hear? The gunman’s still at large; there may be more than one; 6 schools nearby on lockdown; called mom to say I’m safe.
Thanks, good, glad we’re safe too.
Did you want me to get something done now?
It may be a while.

Hey Susan, did you hear? The death toll’s up to 12.
How not to be distracted? How best to make it stop?
There’s no way to be proactive;
prayer’s really all I’ve got.