Coming to you with another installment of “things we found around the internet”! Grab some snacks and browse our most recent list of interesting, positive, and positively rage-inducing media we’ve been chatting about among ourselves.

  • In the category of “reasons why we need feminism” comes this succinct comic

Book cover for Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls: A Coloring Book

  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t include some thought-provoking issue deconstructions right?
    • A sex-worker talks about what’s problematic about the recent flash mob-style viral video about sex trafficking.
    • This author articulates the reasons why I despise the “fitspiration” meme. (Kate – “This commenter won my intersectional heart: ‘I find it funny that you address a serious mental health issue, such as anorexia nervosa, but 2 points earlier make reference to the “crazy-eyed hobo” as if issues in our society weren’t responsible (in-part) for both those situations. I appreciate the sentiment in this post, but I think there’s a lot to say about how we view people suffering from poor mental health, particularly in different social circumstances.'”)
    • Black Girl Dangerous provides some amazing perspective on the trend of “food forests” cropping up around the country. (See what I did there?! But seriously, go read it.)
  • Buzzfeed uses their gif-happy lighthearted style to actually provide some legit social commentary on gender and sexual identity stereotypes and heteronormativity here in What It’s Like Dating as a Femme Lesbian.
  • And, finally, Marissa Alexander’s (the Florida woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot into the ceiling to deter her abusive and life-threatening husband) conviction has been overturned and she will get a new trial!

Hope you found our round-up interesting; tell us your thoughts and let us know what you’ve been reading and writing down in the comments!