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Rant, re: this, only because it’s labeled the:


david beckham vs 'real men'

David Beckham is a real man. All of the guys in this article who are not David Beckham are also real men.

Every boy I’ve ever dated had visible intercostals, because they were all athletes of a particular type. You can find it in the wild. They were all real men. Men with 4% body fat are real men. Men with a 35% body fat real men. Men with no chest hair are real men. Men whose back hair comes out of the collar of their shirt and merges with the hair on their head are real men. Men who have body hair, but choose to remove it, are also real men. (As usual, women who are small enough to have trouble finding adult clothes that fit are real women. And women who are big enough to have problems finding any clothes that fit area also real women.)

All people are in fact real people.

If a male-identified person looks a certain way, clearly that is a way a real man can look. If a female-identified person looks a certain way, clearly that is a way a woman can look and be real.

Pointing out that most people don’t look like that, and even David Beckham doesn’t look like advertising photos of David Beckham is great. Quit using “real” to describe one body type or set of body types to the exclusion of others.