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Another post about Halloween costumes?! Well, everyone is doing it, I want in on this fun. Besides, why else start blogging if not to tell people what to do in six bullet points?

Here are my picks for this year’s Halloween costumes.

1) All Purpose Costume: Sexy Anything

Sexy costumes

By Jillian Tamaki, Sketchblog

Because fuck slut shaming. If you want to feel sexy, wear naughty things, and show off your body, do it! As long as you don’t feel like this choice is forced upon you, go for it. Note: try to stay away from slut-shamey Miley costumes this year.

2) Politician: Wendy Davis


Wendy Davis, this year’s political feminist hero. If you don’t know who she is, go read about her NOW! Business casual suit, pair of pink sneakers, and a microphone make for an easy costume (bonus: you get to wear comfortable shoes!). Make sure to talk for 12 hours straight and educate other party goers about reproductive rights.

3) Internet Famous: Anita Sarkeesian


The creator of an excellent youtube series Tropes vs. Women and a successfully funded kickstarter video project Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Anita’s super powers include: public speaking, fighting off angry trolls, and nuanced media analysis. To be Anita for Halloween you will need a plaid shirt, a pair of blue jeans, hoop earrings, and knowledge of video games (hint: bring a controller with you to complete the look).

4) Super Hero: Captain Melting Pot (aka America)


Vishavjit Singh

Vishavjit Singh is a Sikh American who is challenging our ideas about what it’s like to be an American superhero. Read more about his experiences in this article. This Halloween bring some of your cultural heritage into your superhero costume. Show people the many faces of Captain America. How about female Captain America in a burka?

5) Fictional Character: Olivia Pope

olivia pope2

Kerry Washington

Who’s Olivia Pope, you ask? Oh, she’s just the only main character on a major TV show who is capable, female, and not white. The star of Scandal, Olivia Pope has the solution to any problem her elite clientele may have. To dress like Olivia this Halloween wear business casual attire, white or light pastels, always have your phone in hand, add a White House pass to complete the look. Wear a white hat if you want to get literal with the show’s favorite metaphor.

6) Frightening: Straw Feminist

Straw feminist, though a fictional creature, is still terrifying as this comic strip so expertly points out. You have to prepare a bit for this costume: roam the MRA forums to find what a typical straw feminist is like, stop shaving 3 weeks in advance, and practice your hissing. On Halloween: put some straw in your hair, do not wear make up, wear sweat pants, and a shirt with either a feminist logo or slogan that says “all men are rapists.” Don’t forget to spout ridiculous statements throughout the party like “men shouldn’t be allowed to vote,” “men are only good for their sperm,” “women are naturally better suited for leadership roles,” etc.

Have a fun, safe Halloween, everyone!