Ready for our periodic dose of “things we found around the internet”? Well here it is, champions! Remember to let us know what you’ve been thinking and reading down in the comments.

  • We’ve made it though another Halloween! I hope you all had a great time, you ate candy if you wanted to, and that none of your friends wore racist or culturally appropriative costumes! But in case that last one was less than true here are some tips if you want to confront them about it.
    • I also personally saw an increased number of people painting their faces to resemble the decorated skulls of Dia De Los Muertos. Here’s a reminder that, while it may seem like just a pretty skull to most people, Dia De Los Muertos is not your Halloween.

  • Some…things…are coming out of Texas again, and they’re stinky as usual:
  • “The persistent claim to uni­ver­sal­ism, which is the core of this White feminism, renders the experiences, thoughts and work of Black and Third World feminists invisible, over and over again. Time’s up!
  • Interesting study out of the American Sociological Association’s Sociology of Education journal says that black boys have an easier time integrating into predominantly white suburban schools than girls. HERE’S SOME INTERSECTIONALITY.
  • Why do (class-privileged) women have so many clothes? Because there are SO MANY RULES governing how women should dress.
  • An amazingly eloquent look into the struggles of economic inequality and why shaming poor people for certain decisions is an ignorant reaction.
  • Finally “An article about why we should focus on supporting other family constellations than 2 person marriage that DOESN’T piss me off (because it doesn’t de-value people who want/need to get married).” – Logan
  • “Because in always pairing the hardships with the joys, the complaints with the gratitude, as if those cancel each other out, we erase the labor, the struggles, and most of all the needs of mothers. We define motherhood through endless sacrifice and martyrdom, not allowing mothers to demand things for themselves, as mothers, as women, as whole people. We don’t allow mothers to need.”[TW: Discussion of postpartum depression and brief mention of suicidal ideation]
  • Boggle the owl wants to tell you that it’s okay to have sex and you should not be ashamed about it. But also you should really only do it when you actively want to, not because you’ll be worthless if you don’t.

  • Philadelphia Mayor signed a law that affords equal rights to all LGBT people. This includes a requirement that all new or renovated city-owned buildings must have gender-neutral bathrooms in addition to traditional men’s and women’s restrooms.

The following link includes a very strong TRIGGER WARNING for rape threats and violent anti-woman language quoted from MRAs and men’s rights groups. Be aware.

  • It’s hard to know what to do about MRAs beyond taking every possible opportunity to expose them as the hatemongers they are. But I think that the above list of feminist victories for men provides a clue. When she interviewed me for the 20/20 segment, Elizabeth Vargas asked me if I wanted to curtail MRA’s right to free speech, noting that even Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has the right to protest. I agreed with her then as I do now, and I advocate the same response that’s been so successful against the WBC: rather than try to stop them, we make a peaceful human chain to blunt their hate and counter it with love. In the case of MRAs, we can do that by continuing to work to improve the lives of both men and women, and to end all forms of gender oppression. There’s nothing like the truth to expose a lie.”

If you made it through that in one piece I’d like to reward you with this awesome selfie of Margaret Atwood and Alice Munro (2013 Nobel Laureate in Literature)!