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Oh my goodness gracious are you all in for a treat! We’ve been making some big moves behind the scenes for a while now, and can finally and proudly announce that Disrupting Dinner Parties has (not one! not two! but) three new editors!

Beloved Disruptors, I am so happy to introduce you to Barbie, Rebecca Flin, and Robin Marie!

Thanks to Bridie for finding this gif

This is how we feel right now.

I should say reintroduce, because you’ve actually read a post from each of them already: Barbie wrote this deeply moving and personal explanation of one thing not to say to someone suffering abuse. Becca wrote a post on an experience at a dance event that taught her how consent should look. And Robin Marie wrote this scathing indictment of racism and sexism in the atheist community (plus an alternative!).

These three are the figurative shit. Seriously, you want to know them better. Luckily, you can! Use the comments to welcome them, send them some gif love, and ask them anything you want!

This musical is some colonialist bullshit! The lyrics of this song are nice, though.