You know the drill: we give you, our wonderful readers, an extra credit reading list and you keep us posted on your thoughts. Here we go!

  • Starting off the list with a little literary humor for once(!), the Toast gives us some male novelist jokes
  • Here’s the story of a female travel writer who has always yearned for a life of boundless, poetic adventure and discovery but learns at a young age the dangers of traveling while female
  • People have been praising Germany recently for its creation of a third “Intermediate” gender option on birth certificates, however intersex advocacy groups all over Germany are not really about it
  • If anyone needs a big huge list of AMAZING female artists, here it damn is. Slow Clap.

  • It’s official – Illinois and Hawaii bring the count for same-sex marriage equality up to 15 states plus the District of Columbia!
  • [TW for emotional abuse] For Orthodox Jewish women, obtaining a religious divorce can be an incredibly long and painful process. Here’s the story of a NJ orthodox woman’s 3 year fight for a “get”.
  • In other news, India has been “mesmerized” by an ad by jeweler Tanishq which shows a happy bride preparing for her second marriage ceremony with her daughter
  • Nice to see one mainstream news org calling out another on this

It’s important to point out that addressing this problem isn’t important for recruitment. It’s important to address military sexual assault because it’s the right thing to do.

While they can play devil’s advocate and toss around hypotheticals that are utterly disconnected from their reality and then opt out at the end, for women these discussions require revelation and vulnerability; they are a sharing of our actual lived experience.

[Autism Speaks co-founder] Mrs. Wright’s op-ed articulates a view of the “autism situation” that is very different from my own.  She says things I would never say to people with autism and cannot in good conscience stand by. Given her role as leader of the organization, I am afraid it is my signal to exit the Autism Speaks stage.

Finally, if anyone is interested in who won Halloween: It was Ruth Baby Ginsburg.