Disruptors — in honor of their milestone of two years blogging and almost 3 million readers, we’re dedicating today’s post to Black Girl Dangerous. As an uncompromising safe space for queer and trans people of color, they set an important example for some key values we want DDP to express: elevating the voices of traditionally silenced people, understanding the intersectionality of different forms of oppression, and rejecting the idea that we should tone down our rhetoric so as not to alienate the people who oppress us.

If you’re a BGD fan like we are, and you have disposable income, why not get them a birthday present?

Here are some of the BGD pieces that have made it into our What We’re Reading posts. We talk about many more behind the scenes all the time.  Did we miss any of your favorites?

Janani Balasubramanian makes the oh-so-necessary point that appropriation is about more than just feelings: It’s Not All About Feelings

Mimi Khúc on loving mothers:“Because in always pairing the hardships with the joys, the complaints with the gratitude, as if those cancel each other out, we erase the labor, the struggles, and most of all the needs of mothers. We define motherhood through endless sacrifice and martyrdom, not allowing mothers to demand things for themselves, as mothers, as women, as whole people. We don’t allow mothers to need.”[Trigger Warning: Discussion of postpartum depression and brief mention of suicidal ideation.]: What It Means To Love Mothers

Toi on why “food forests” are an insensitive and impractical response to communities of colors’ food access problem: Frankly Not About Food Forests

See, feminists don't hate cupcakes.

Happy birthday BGD!