Ladies, gentlemen, and sperm whales, I bring you another installment of DDP’s laugh at a funny woman series. This week we’re going to talk about Rebel Wilson, my future ex-wife.

Please to enjoy. Thank you.

Rebel Wilson has three siblings with equally ridiculous names (Liberty, Ryot and Annachi) and was raised by professional dog handlers. She had an illustrious early career, including winning the Australian Theatre for Young People International scholarship, a stint with Second City, and performing at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. My favorite fact about her, though, is that she is a former Rotary International Youth Ambassador for Australia, and while she was based in South Africa she contracted malaria, which induced hallucinations in which she saw herself as an actress who had won an Oscar. SO SHE DECIDED TO PURSUE AN ACTING CAREER. Usually listening to your hallucinations is THE WORST IDEA but in this case it worked out great for everyone.

Here are a few of my favorite Wilson appearances (tw for rape, NSFW language):

Appearing as a chicken. As Fat Amy. As The Nineties. As The Eighties.