Greetings disruptors!  We come in peace.  Here is what we have been digesting during periods of reading about your planet.

  • In South America, Camila Vallejo, a leader of the student protests in Chile to demand education reform, just won a congressional election.  Badass!  And, par for the course for Chile, where women having political power is actually a thing.  Quoth Luz Delfondo: “That’s why my blood boils when people talk about South America like it’s more politically “backward” than the US. We all have our problems, and there’s a lot that other countries do better!”
  • Speaking of which, in Bangladesh, the government has acknowledged that gender is not binary and will now recognize Hijras as a separate gender for official documents.
Depiction of gender identities as stars in a sky filled with stars, rather than as points on a spectrum from one end to the other

This awesome picture brought to you via Gender is not binary!

  • Meanwhile, back at the ranch, upsetting things keep happening in Texas.  Skylar Fox reports: “So in an astonishing display of complete whatthefuckery, the University of Texas Young Conservatives of Texas group were planning a ‘Catch an Illegal Immigrant’ game, ostensibly to ‘spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration, and how it affects our everyday lives.’  Thankfully the university president, faculty council, and a distinguished law professor/advocate called hella BS.”  In the end, YCT cancelled this “game,” citing fears of retaliation but not indicating any awareness that their proposed actions were horrifying.
  • Also in the US, Happy Thanksgiving!  Unless it bothers you that American Indians welcomed the colonists with hospitality and America’s founders returned the favor by butchering them.  Or unless you work at Walmart.  In which case, the “H” stands for “Hungry.”
  • Meanwhile, don’t miss the Huffington Post’s sooper journalistic piece about how important it is to make sure the menfolk like your clothes.
  • On the future of human space travel, Logan Howlett reports: “This is the best non-femininity-shaming commercial about little girls being badass we’ve seen yet.”

If that video made you smile, and you want to hold onto your happy feels, please skip the next article. Major TW for child physical abuse and neglect.

  • “THIS is a horrifyingly tragic and rage inducing story (major TW for child physical abuse and neglect) and people need to know that parenting resources like this are available and, in some spaces, commonly distributed.” – Skylar
  • If you feel grief or anger in response to the actions of the parents in the previous article, we think that means you’re a human being.  If you feel grief or anger when people do horrible things to you, we want to give you a giant hug.
    However, Amy Morin at LifeHack wants you to know that if you feel pain when others act cruelly, you’re a mental weakling and should take responsibility (read: blame yourself) for any emotions you have in response to their actions.  WTF?
  • Luckily, robot hugs has a great comic related to this subject.  [TW for allusions to mental illness shaming and depictions of physical illnesses.]
  • Also, sex with a man should not be the defining feature between girlhood and womanhood.  Sajda Ouachtouki speaks out.  [TW for discussion of rape culture and reference to sexual assaults]
  • Also, these barbies are proportioned like actual human beings.  Wouldn’t it be great if the dolls women are supposed to emulate looked like real people?
  • We have mixed feelings about this article.  “It feels like the author is genuinely trying to be supportive of trans and genderqueer folks, which is great in a mainstream article like this, but there’s a lot of language in there that bothers me and the whole tone kind of pisses me off. And why doesn’t Brittany Griner get to speak more in her own voice? There are like two quotes from her in here from this “interview,” none of them more than a sentence long.” – Bridie
  • Last but so not least, the American Psychiatric Association still lists being trans as a mental illness.  People need to know about this.

Being sexualized and labeled as disordered because of the medical care I need as a woman resonates strongly for me with the idea of hysteria, a diagnosis that sexualized women and saw them as disordered because of their gendered bodies. Yeah, the trans community is still stuck fighting hundred year old feminist battles.

It’s a big planet, so we know we missed some stuff.  What have you been reading this week?  Thoughts on these articles?  Let us know in the comments below!