This week, cats and rats and elephants, I’d like to introduce a queer female comic: Tig Notaro. She grew up in Texas and began her career in the music industry, then, to the world’s delight, switched to stand-up. She’s been featured on Comedy Central Presents, and on The Sarah Silverman Program as a lesbian police officer, and hosts an awesome podcast called Professor Blastoff with her writing partner Kyle Dunnigan.

I would literally pay one million dollars to assure I looked this cute holding a fan.

She busted into the spotlight last summer when she addressed her recent cancer treatments and other personal difficulties during her live stage show at Largo in Los Angeles. She received an overwhelming response–the show has been lauded as exceptional by critics and fellow comedians alike.

Her sense of humor is super quirky, but she’s got some pretty great things to say about human nature. Plus she’s super hot. Here are a few of my favorite videos. Enjoy!