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In the spirit of Festivus, which was celebrated by random people everywhere yesterday, I decided to go ahead and do some Airing of Grievances for 2013. Here goes.

I have a grievance with:

Every man who asked me if I have a boyfriend and then assumed I was single and continued flirting after I said “no”


Every donation that was made to George Zimmerman’s fund

Pomegranate season for being far too short

The idea that white people “discovered” or (supposedly “invented”) twerking

Almost everything Congress did(n’t do) all year. Especially the Shutdown. Like seriously, what was that all about? Oh and the Sequester. So yeah, everything.

All the news outlets that got me worried talmbout there was going to be a massive bacon shortage this year. Y’all were wrong for that.

Texas politicians for causing dozens and dozens of abortion clinics to close down across the state

Paula Deen. Girl…

Fitzgerald Grant, for being subpar and generally just plain ol’ not good enough for Olivia

That time white people decided to make up a random dance to some random music and call it the Harlem Shake. As if.

The Supreme Court rulings on The Voting Rights Act and affirmative action

The extensive trolling of women-of-color-led #twitterfeminism

Add #mantears and #cistears to that as well

The small city of mosquitoes that took up residence under my porch this summer

Miley Cyrus, LL Cool J and Brad Paisley, and Lily Allengty_ll_cool_j_brad_paisely_accidental_racist_tk_130408_wblog

All rude comments that were made about Beyonce and/or Blue Ivy this year


All comments about Anacostia or even the entire damn Green Line here in D.C. being “dangerous” or “sketch” that were made in my presence


The Onion for overshadowing my girl QuevanzhanĂ©’s fabulousness by calling her a c***. They apologized, but still.

The United States Post Office for losing a box that contained all the spices and seasoning I had to my name. I REALLY REALLY WANT THOSE BACK.

Ok. I could most definitely keep going, but I’m gonna get back to cultivating Christmastime tidings of comfort and joy. What 2013 grievances do you want to air?