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We’re wishing farewell to 2013 with a look back at our five most-viewed posts of 2013. We’ve had some great ones! Drumroll, please…

5. True love doesn’t wait

Rosie notes: "Your sexuality belongs not only to you and God, but to your parents and your community and your future spouse and children."

Rosie notes: “Your sexuality belongs not only to you and God, but to your parents and your community and your future spouse and children.”

In this powerful post from last March, Rosie clearly lays out the connection between virginity culture, sexual violence, and abuse:

When you divvy women into “respectable” vs “sexual” categories, you have a huge congregation of women who you’ve labeled ’not respectable’ and ‘for sex.’

4. Pass the disc, hold the sexism

"An example of something I should not have to do just to prove I can play."

“An example of something I should not have to do just to prove I can play.”

In her post from last June, Stevia writes about having to do “something crazy like laying out while catching the disc in my teeth” just to get her male teammates to take her seriously as an ultimate player:

I can’t tell you how often someone has called me up and invited me to play because “we need you, we’re short on girls.” I can’t tell you how often people have assumed I’m only at a game because they thought I was dating a close male friend on my team. I’d love to feel valued as a player, but—Oh what’s that? I have a uterus? Great, let me hop on the field so you can adhere to league policy and let you give gender diversity lip service without you worrying about really being inclusive to women.

3. Got Consent? III: FetLife Doesn’t Get It

got consent?

In the third installment of his 5-part series exploring consent in the kink community, Lunas tackles the role FetLife (like facebook for kinky people) plays in creating and supporting rape culture. He also provides a list of ways to take action.

The story of FetLife’s lack of respect of consent, privacy, and personal autonomy is an important one for all kinky people to know. But it also represents a fascinating case study for anyone interested in privacy, transparency, and rape culture on the Internet. 

2. 4 Reasons Why, Actually, You Cannot Touch My Hair

you can touch my hair

Dominique’s post from last June was inspired by the performance art exhibit pictured above (SPOILER ALERT: the women protesting next to them has sliiightly less welcoming signs). In it she responds to all the people who want to touch black women’s hair.

Like, why? Why do you want to touch my hair? I implore you to deeply ponder this every single time you are about to ask to touch a black woman’s hair. Do you think it’s mystical? Exotic? Are you trying to test and see if it will leave scratches on your fingers? If you think it’s beautiful by all means, please say that, but you don’t have to touch it while the words come out of your lips. 

1. Modeling Consent

"Psst…Eric!... Try words!"

“Psst…Eric!… Try words!”

When she wrote it in September, she was a lowly guest poster, but Rebecca has since become one of DDP’s editors! (I’m just kidding about guest posters being “lowly”–they are awesome and you should become one.) In this post Rebecca shares a happy, sexy story featuring dancing, nudity, makeouts, and good use of consent:

But our dance connection was growing into the sexual realm. I felt it happening. The dance was over, but neither of us walked away– those chills were running all over my body, begging to grow wings. Our faces were close together, breath in sync and heavy– it was that perfect moment, the one they capture in all the movies. I knew it was coming. That classic, dreamy, first kiss. And then something truly miraculous happened.

“Rebecca, I’d like to kiss you”

So there you have it–DDP’s most-viewed posts of 2013. What were your favorite posts this year?