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This is a poem about kink from my perspective as a queer lady dom. NSFW language below the cut.

She is soft and she is hard;

The gates to parts of her are barred.

I would not have it otherwise

For there are those who’d try to prise

The softnesses she’s gathered in

From where they’re better kept within.

But when I’m here, the gates swing wide

And she welcomes me inside

Her mouth, her cunt, the curl of her palm.

I hurt her to that point of calm

That makes a song of all the senses

And strips away all our pretenses.

I am stern and I am yielding;

It’s power over me she’s wielding.

In her eyes I see a frisson

Of the energy that’s risen

In what she’s giving, what I’m taking,

How she’s opened, how I’m aching

To leave a story on her skin

To show how far she let me in.

In her eyes is not surrender

But a promise much more tender:

That she, with me, will shed her masks

If I will hurt her as she asks.

She is hard and she is soft.

By my commands she’s borne aloft

To where her armor melts away

And in my hands she’s turned to clay.

After, when I set her free,

And pull her body close to me

We thank each other with our kisses

And I see then what she misses:

Her armor as it settles back,

All the stronger for its lack

When I, with care, took it apart

And steeled the girders of her heart.