Welcome back to another installment of What We’re Reading! Check out some of the feminist deliciousness and anger-making horribleness that we’ve been passing around our listserv this week:

  • Says Domo: WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? A simple website to help people check their privilege:
  • In Pakistan, grassroots sex ed for rural girls is changing the game- the lessons even teach the girls about marital rape — a revolutionary idea in Pakistan, where forcing a spouse to have sex is not a crime.
  • Autostraddle’s “Epic Black History Month Megapost” of 100 black LBTQ women we should all know about, including our very favorite person, Audre Lorde!
Ethyl Waters, lesbian legend, Academy Award nominee, and BAMF extraordinaire.

Ethyl Waters, lesbian legend, Academy Award nominee, and BAMF extraordinaire. Note: This was going to be a picture of Brittney Griner, but 1)obvious, and 2) I’m sure y’all have things to do besides worship her magnificence.

  • Genital mutilation double standards– on this issue, “But what about the boys??” is a question that needs answers. CONTENT NOTE: discussions of many different cultures and practices of female and male genital cutting – some disturbing.
  • Human rights activist arrested in Cuba.
  • Piers Morgan is on his way out because no one likes him, and we hope this has at least something to do with the utterly ridiculous way he treated bestselling author Janet Mock.
  • A rant about the incredibly bad arguments in defense of My Brothers Keeper: “But when black men occupy space at the center of the discourse, black women lose critical ground. I wish these struggles did not feel like zero sum struggles. I wish that black men — Barack Obama included — had the kind of social analysis that saw our struggles as deeply intertwined.”
  • This is a pretty awesome ad about the Male Gaze in India.
  • These are some really amazing artworks illustrating some of today’s horrific problems. Both links are in Spanish.


That’s all for now! Read anything interesting lately? Let us know in the comments below!