Greetings disruptors,

It is officially Spring!  Here are some articles to read while you wait to celebrate the flowers and birdsong that will surely replace the freezing wind outside any day now.



  • This article about a woman with cerebral palsy exploring her sexuality and learning to enjoy her body through kink caused some major feels over here.  Slightly NSFW.
  • In other news, racism is totally dead.  Oh wait, that’s bullshit.
  • Knowing accurate seizure first aid is important.  School yourself!
  • Two stories about university women in the sex industry fighting for their rights have recently come across the DDP radar.  One story features a cis woman who is white, and one story features a trans woman of color.  Guess which person received a ton of media attention and which person was arrested.
  • Quick, grab your binoculars!  A non-terrible article has been spotted in Cosmo! Content note: the article is an interview with Anita Hill and discusses sexual harassment, victim-blaming, and mentions sexual assault and incest.
  • Well-known designer and former model L’Wren Scott tragically passed away from an apparent suicide.  When reporting on this story, media decided that her name and most important accomplishment were “Mick Jagger’s girlfriend.”
  • In other news, RAINN recently presented their recommendations to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. RAINN’s decision to urge the white house to stop blaming rape culture for sexual violence and to instead focus on bringing rapists to criminal justice has caused some major shock and facepalming.
  • In happier news, Developer Manveer Heir spoke at the 2014 Game Developers Conference and made a call to arms to work on ending all kinds of social injustice in the video game industry.
  • Speaking out about discrimination and lack of diversity in tech and STEM fields is difficult and terrifying.  Luckily, Ashe Dryden is a badass and has important things to say about the tactics people use to push back against social justice change, as well as the role of allies in standing up with those who are marginalized.