Happy Friday, Disruptors! I hope you all had a fantastic week. I personally was recuperating from a nasty case of bronchitis and got the stomach flu. No fun. No fun indeed. But, while I was lying around my apartment, coughing up a lung ever minute or so, it got me thinking about something that we talk about a lot…


You know, the ability to react thoughtfully to other people’s feelings. Here at DDP we talk a lot about how to be more sensitive to other people’s experience. Which I am ALL for. But, can we be doing that at the expense of others?


For me, I am so guilty of quickly jumping on someone for saying the wrong thing or doing something offensive. One instance is when people used disrespectful language, like the r-word (r*tarded). I have many a times interrupted friends who where in the middle of a rant about their lives and corrected their language. What I did was take away someone’s focus on his or her own issues to bring attention to mine… So, stepping on their emotions. Some people don’t know what they are saying is offensive, and they are just trying to express how they feel. Am I kind of being an asshole for not letting them express how they feel?

I guess what I’m wondering is – can you be mad at ignorance? Is it like being upset at a child for saying the “F-word” (fuck) to a teacher when he or she is just using the language that his or her parents use? What I’m NOT asking is to be patronizing, but what I am wondering if we should be more understanding. If we are striving for equity, we cannot disregard people for being ignorant, right? We should not oppress the oppressor.

Ignorance should not a get out-of-jail-card, maybe it should be an okay, you’re an idiot right now, but I’m going to focus my energy at hating patriarchy and all the –isms out there instead of blowing up your face. It’s about being sensitive to people’s emotions even if they not the most, for lack of a better word, sensitive.

But I really want to hear from YOU readers. What do think about this issue? I would love to hear your thoughts!