Edit: April Fools! Oh man, we totally tricked you, didn’t we?

There are going to be some changes here on the blog, thanks to some really amazing news developments in global society.

We’re thrilled to announce that sexism is over! Congrats, friends; we did it!


I for one am super grateful that now everyone has equal access to physical safety, leadership positions, material well-being, healthcare, childcare, social status, respect, education, sexual freedom, emotional support, and freedom of choice, regardless of gender. 

What we’ve witnessed this morning is an end to oppression not just on the basis of sex, but also gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class, ethnicity and national origin, mental health, physical ability, and age, among others.

Let’s all just breathe a sigh of relief that the systems of oppression, exploitation, erasure, and devaluation that have affected our physical and somatic actualization for so long, contributing to sexual assault and rape culture, domestic violence, income inequality, poverty, shame, sexual harassment, objectification, lack of legal rights, and human trafficking, have finally ended. They were a real bummer.


Welp, as you may have realized, without systems of oppression to confront, there’s not too much point to carrying on with this blog, is there? So we have a big announcement to make:

We’re changing the theme of this blog from intersectional feminism….to kittens. There’s always a point to kittens.

And the point is that they’re cute.

Besides, all of us found boyfriends so now we don’t have to pretend to care about feminism anymore.