Being a sex educator and a bisexual/queer woman, I get a fair amount of questions. Normally, I’m super enthused to answer them. However, some questions are just getting old. To make everyone’s lives easier, I present to you my personal FAQ, in the hopes that no one will ever ask me these questions again.

1. You’re bisexual…do you date women and men at the same time? 


No, that’s called polyamory. Some bisexuals are poly, just like gays, lesbians, and straight people!

2. So, um…how do two women, like, you know, do it? 

rolling eyes

We’ve covered this already. Stop asking.

3. You have a girlfriend now. Do you ever miss penises?  

jersey shore

Amazingly, I see people as more of a collection of their body parts. First off, not all men have penises. Not all women have vaginas. Who are you, the Orientation Police? [Note: link NSFW]

4. Speaking of your girlfriend, y’all have been together for a while now. Don’t you think it’s time you just come out as a lesbian?


Bisexuality is a real thing. We won’t stop being bisexual because we’re dating someone of one gender or another. Stop telling me I’m a lesbian. 

5. Why don’t you just U-haul already?


Fun fact: not all queer women move in together after three months of dating. If you did/your one bi or lez friend did/ someone you met in passing did, that doesn’t mean I need to do it.