whore: \ˈhȯr, ˈhu̇r\ : a woman who engages in sexual acts for money; a promiscuous or immoral woman

promiscuous : \prə-ˈmis-kyə-wəs\ : having or involving many sexual partners

ho: \ˈhō\: one whose sexual boundaries don’t fit into the arbitrary limits drawn by the person using the term

thot: \ˈthät\: a word that needs to disappear

“Thot.” Have you seen it? It’s an acronym for “that ho over there” and it seems to be increasing in popularity. It is also pretty ridiculous. I first saw the word “thot” on, you guessed it, Twitter.




Not only is “thot” invading my timeline, apparently it has jumped the digital barrier and is now being spoken aloud as a word in real life. This is tragic on multiple levels.

First of all, the common usage of “thot” does not make sense. I typically restrain myself from nitpicking about grammar because languages are fluid and ever evolving and all of that good stuff. But here I must put my foot down. “Dominique? She’s a thot.” She’s a that ho over there? What does that even mean? “Oh I dumped that thot last week.” WHY WOULD YOU SAY “THAT” TWICE IN ROW?!?! Come on, people.

The genuine linguistic stress that “thot” causes me aside, the most important critique of the word is that it’s a slut-shaming term. The word “ho” is part of “thot.” In fact, it’s almost like a more explicitly otherizing version of “ho” because it places metaphorical distance between the speaker and the “ho,” designating her as an despised object separate from everyone else. Yet, I have seen people who would never seriously use “ho” as a denigrating term for a person embrace “thot” and sprinkle it all over my timeline and all through my conversations. This is unacceptable; you cannot separate “thot” from “ho” and the demonizing of sex workers, promiscuity, and women’s sexual agency.

Join me in the movement. Tell your mama, tell your friends, tell your little cousin in middle school (even though she won’t listen to you because you are old) that the word “thot” is nonsensical , it is just the latest arrangement of syllables used to slut shame, and it must be eliminated.