Hello Disruptors!

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week.  And as always, we want to hear from you!  What are your thoughts on this stuff, and what have you been reading this week?

  • “Even if nobody outright says Stiviano and Lewinsky were asking for it — ‘it’ being a public trial by fire and near-total loss of privacy — there’s a pretty heavy implication. The press in 1998 didn’t have a Facebook profile or Twitter account with which to attack Lewinsky, but the scandal anticipated the current age in which the private is much more easily made public.”
  • In which Autostraddle points out that queer publications are allowed to be well-designed and earn money.
  • Content note: discussion of rape.
    Miley Cyrus made a “joke” about drugging people to get them to have sex with her. This is called rape, and it is not funny, and yesmeansyes has an excellent article about why. 
  • Last month The US Department of Education of issued an explicit statement saying that the intent of the implementation of Title IX also protects the rights of students on the basis of gender identity and presentation. Yay!
  • An amazing series of essays by Nicole Balcom detailing her experiences with dysphoria and society as a transexual woman
  • Proposing to your boyfriend: you can be the one to give yourself butterflies!
  • On the importance of not using the girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria as justification for Western colonialism and military expansionism: read here.
  • On the importance of not allowing concerns about Western colonialism and military expansionism to cause us to treat these girls as expendable: read here.
  • In response to a white male Princeton freshman’s argument that he should not have to acknowledge his white-male privilege because his family was persecuted during the Holocaust, a white male Princeton graduate writes about his belief that he should acknowledge his white-male privilege because his family was persecuted during the Holocaust. Needless to say, I like the second one.