Hello Disruptors!

I know I’m not the most unique, special snowflake for saying this, but adult-ing is HARD WORK. Adult-ing while moving, leaving your job, and getting ready to go to a new place is harder. Oftentimes, I feel a lot of pressure to juggle all of my hats while acting like this:


“The vitamins, Duke! The vitamins!”

When you’re anxious on top of all that, everything just gets messy. Thankfully, I have a lot of help: a kickass therapist, some amazing friends, and a fabulous partner. At the end of the day, though, learning to navigate the murky waters of getting yourself together is a personal struggle, not a team struggle. While I’m certainly far from handling my stuff with grace and ease, here are some ways that I’ve learned to reduce my stress when trying accomplish everything all at once: 

  • Prioritize. It’s easy to get distracted by unimportant tasks that might feel urgent because they’re happening RIGHT THIS MOMENT. The reality is, you don’t really need to answer many of those emails right away.
  • Lists. Lists on lists on lists. My reminders app on my phone looks like this: photo
  • Breaking things into smaller, more manageable chunks. Big, scary tasks are generally more palatable when you can gradually chip away at them.
  • Find support from people who don’t suck — mainly, people who aren’t going to belittle you or make you feel stupid for being overwhelmed.
  • Take a break. Read Boggle the Owl. Boggle is worried about you! Or Robot Hugs. Or other charming internet places. Even better, go for a walk/run/bike ride/10-minute dance party jam.
  • Take time to eat food with nutrients, drink water, and shower. It’s really easy to trick yourself into not taking care of yourself when you have no free time. Remember that it’s a lot easier to get shit done when you don’t feel like everything is the worst.
  • Set realistic goals. My mantra this week: “you started packing up your house on Monday evening. You can’t expect it to be done Tuesday morning.”
  • Try not to get down on yourself if you screw up. You are a magnificent human who is perfectly allowed to screw up.
  • Give yourself credit when you actually accomplish something. Celebrate those two loads of laundry that you finally did. REJOICE in finally doing that work project you’ve been putting off for the last week!

How about you guys? How do you manage a billion priorities without falling to bits?