Greetings Disruptors, and happy Monday!

If there is such a thing.  To ease your pain and sadness at the fact that tomorrow is Tuesday and the work week marches on, here are some articles we’ve been reading.  Read, think, and be merry!  And as always, we would love to hear what you’ve been reading in the comments below.

  • Ten ways to support your partner’s gender transition.
  • A wildly enjoyable and therapeutic commentary about those people (THOSE PEOPLE) who derail complaints of street harassment and other forms of awfulness by supposedly taking the moral high ground and accusing the person who spoke up of being bigoted themself.
  • Yaya M. has started an awesome kickstarter campaign to fund some much-needed white privilege.  Upworthy thinks you will be more likely to click and read about the campaign if I tell you nothing about it and instead vaguely reference how I predict that it will make you feel.  Let’s try that out and see how it goes.  Click here to read about the kickstarter campagin that will BLOW YOUR MIND.
  • MORE FEELS.  Religion can be beautiful and meaningful for many people; that said, being invisible is no way to live.  Leah Lax speaks out about her experiences living as a woman in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community.
  • In other news, Time Magazine still sucks.
  • But don’t worry, cats got this covered.

    cat holding a sign that says, "I don't need feminism b/c a woman needs a man like a cat needs a fish. And this cat needs a fish."

    Confused cats against feminism.

  • Also, “People on welfare do not deserve to be treated as predatory dope fiends sucking the system dry. That narrative is not only outdated, it is simply not the truth.”  Let’s update some narratives, people.
  • IPs from the US Congress are temporarily banned AGAIN from making anonymous edits, this time for congressional staffers making anti-trans edits across a bunch of pages including the OITNB page.  Love that this is a multiple-time thing.