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Great news, friends!

We have two new editors among us!

This is how we feel right now.

This is how we feel right now.

These new editors are SO AWESOME, y’all. Great things lie ahead for our blog.

Our first new editor is Erika Turner, who wrote “Go Ahead, Girl, And Play Your Beyonce” for us.

“We do the best we can with what we have. And if we can come home at the end of every battle, look in the mirror and think, “I look so good tonight. Goddamn, goddamn,” then that’s a battle fucking won.

So fuck ‘em. Go on ahead, girl, and play your Beyoncé. We’re here for this.”

Our second new editor is Hex, who wrote “Transitioning, Access, and Privilege” not too long ago.

“In fact, as people found out about my taking hormones – long before there were any actual effects – my preferred pronouns were used more consistently. I started getting requests to sit on panels or to lead trainings. In short, people became noticeably more respectful of my identity.

This is a problem I see happening over and over again in different communities. Despite rhetoric about self-identification being the most important thing, time and again I see hierarchies of who is “really” trans being constructed around who fits the dominant narrative of physical transition, mirroring our mainstream media’s obsession about the physical aspects of transition. The ones who are most respected are the ones who, like me, take medical steps to change their bodies. This ignores the fact that many people who are as legitimately trans as me choose not to or are unable to access these things.”

Please take a sec to say hi in the comments, welcome them to our community, and stay tuned for more fantastic writing from these two bright-and-shiniest of editors!