Greetings Disruptors!

I’m bored.  You’re bored.  Time to scour the internet for good reads in bed with my super-bright phone an inch from my face while I am in theory trying to sleep.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Anyway, here is what we’ve been reading and watching this week.  Let us know what feminist articles / videos have been keeping you up at night in the comments below!

Not my hand but it's a pretty good imitation.  Why can't I sleep again?  Right, this.

Why can’t I sleep again? Right, this.

  • A mental health clinic in Mississippi put this ad on the air. For a terrible, glorious month or so, it was running on television and everything. Imagine what they *could* have done with that money and air space instead.  Smh.  Content note for slut-shaming.
  • California becomes the first state to officially ban the “gay panic” defense to reduce murder charges. And it seems trans-inclusive!
  • Also California passed affirmative consent bill on college campuses!
  • Jessica Williams from The Daily Show kicks catcalling apologist’s ass.
  • A great article on parallels between the problems with the “born this way” narrative and rape culture.
  • Oh man we do not want to be that girl in a country song.  This song and its video are amazing.
  • In other news, Emma Watson stood up for feminism and was threatened with sexual violence.  This is a great article on what that means for all of us and why it matters.  Content note for rape culture.
  • Aaaaaaaaand still can’t read Time without feeling like I’m going to vomit.  Content note for rape culture, victim-blaming, the works.  Normally I would leave this trash in its heaping pile of trash, but it’s too awful to not call out.
  • Also this woman’s response to a street harasser is AMAZING.
  •  Last but not least, a really interesting discussion on the depictions of gender, same-sex couples and race in Television.  No seriously read this: there are fascinating thoughts in here.