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Hey Disruptors!

My feminist heart is a-flutter because Majestic Hero Woman, Anita Sarkeesian is going to be on the Colbert Report tonight.


Why should you care about Anita Sarkeesian? First, she’s been the subject of some horrifying harassment and death threats that forced her to cancel an appearance at Utah State University. Second, she’s the all-around badass human being who runs Feminist Frequency, a Youtube channel and web site that posts brilliant feminist critiques of movies, TV, and lately, an incredible series on female representation in video games, entitled Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. Recently, game developer and DDP guest writer Stevie discussed her and other fantastic feminist figures (wooo alliteration!) in the gaming world in her piece, Feminists are Ruining Video Games. 

She will be brilliant and perfect and in her own words:

You can catch the Colbert Report on Comedy Central tonight at 11:30pm EST or on Colbert Nation after the fact.

In the meantime, get pumped by watching the first video in Sarkeesian’s exhaustively researched, ridiculously great Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series. Remember, whether you decide to feed the trolls or not, we’ve got your back.