We definitely love and do not hate this.

Happy Halloween!

This is your yearly reminder that dressing up as a racial stereotype is not cool. Here is a handy collection of costume ideas that involve dressing up as another race without being racist.

Even though it’s not as widely frowned upon, it also may be wise to stay away from dressing as any shade of “lunatic,” or “deformed” person–some people with mental illness and some disabled people find this very upsetting.

Alrighty, now that we’ve covered the don’ts, let’s cover the dos.

DO go as Sputnik, or the Yip Yips. (via

DO go as a kidnapped mermaid or a Weeping Angel. (via

DO go as Peter Pan’s shadow or Peanut M&Ms. (via

Or best of all, dress up as your favorite feminist pop culture icon.

Go forth and get candy, y’all.