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Disruptors of the USA- today is election day! You know what that means…

Fashionable stickers for everyone!

Fashionable stickers for everyone!

It means that if you’re a citizen, you should head to your local polling place post-haste!

  • Not registered to vote? You can do it at your polling place, which is much closer to your house and likely has a much shorter line than your DMV. Why put off tip tomorrow what you can do much faster and easier today?
  • Don’t think voting matters? Today’s election is a local one, and could include your town government, school board, and state legislature. This is government as close to home as it gets- the people who decide if your schools have a restorative justice policy (alternative to school-to-prison pipeline), if your roads have bike lanes, if your city provides enough affordable housing, if your state allows same sex marriage. Plus, there are ballot initiatives, laws you can vote directly for or against. Today I voted to legalize personal marijuana possession in DC, a step against the racist enforcement of drug laws.
  • Don’t know where your polling place is? Vote411.org has a handy box on the left of their webpage where you can type in your address and it’ll show you your polling place on a map. If you live in a city your polling place is likely a block or two from your house. Find it!
  • Not sure whom to vote for? You probably received a voter guide in the mail, but if you lost it, there’s an easy solution! Again, type your address into Vote411.org and they’ll give you a rundown of exactly what races and questions are on your ballot, right down to the most local, including candidates’ positions in their own words. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good- educate yourself enough to make a good decision on at least a few races you care about, and go with it.
  • Still confused by this whole voting thing? Check out the wisdom Rebecca laid on us last week, with ten easy tips on how to vote.

Now go earn those stickers, kids! I’m wearing mine right now.

Edit: WordPress has created a nifty tool with voting information, which we’ve added below: