If the world is getting you down, pop over to Twitter and check out #FeministPrincessBride.

It all started off when Time put the word “feminist” in their “Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015?” list.

We're telling Time to take it up with Queen B

We’re telling Time to take it up with Queen B

One woman, Anne Thériault, took Time to task for it:

And thus the hashtag was started. The beloved story of love and adventure became A LOT MORE FEMINIST. Enjoy!

Some are funny.

— for a refresher on what consent is go here.

Some get a bit more serious.

We took a crack at this too.

We’re with you, Inigo. Working for the man during the day, fighting the man at night and on weekends.

— for a discussion of the gender pay gap go here.

Now that you know about this, you have an excuse to re-watch Princess Bride and maybe even shoot off a tweet or two. Tweet at us, or let us know here in the comments why you aren’t tired of the word “feminist,” and why identifying as a feminist is important to you.