Happy Friday, Friends!

I know you’re probably checked out for the weekend, so here’s an excellent afternoon treat. Today’s female comic is Jessica Williams, Daily Show Correspondent and all-around badass.

Photo: Peter Hapak Source: Wired Magazine.

Photo: Peter Hapak Source: Wired.

Basically, you should be obsessed with her. 

She’s been profiled by Mother Jones and been fawned over by Flavorwire. Her twitter feed and tumblr are excellent.

She has the perfect idea for a better gossip site:

But there’s something missing in all this new new media craziness, and that is something that uses celebrity news as a way to get into a really serious analysis of our culture. The Kardashians are walking clickbait—but let’s look closer. Do Kim and Kanye affect how society feels about interracial relationships and blended families? What does our obsession with Jennifer Lawrence say about third-wave feminism? Start with a headline that’s superjuicy; a flashy, sexy picture. And then, after the first couple of lines, hit them with some really severe analysis. When they think they’re getting dirt, we give them vegetables. Which is kind of what The Daily Show does already.

Not convinced? Check out some of her amazing clips on the daily show: