Dearest DDPeople,

I have not been very active as an author for DDP in some time. In that interval, I have finished a PhD and successfully defended a dissertation, gotten divorced, moved across the country, and switched careers entirely. This has left little time for writing.

And while I find myself called/drawn/convicted to begin writing again about these topics dear to my heart, I find that my perspective and values are no longer in sufficiently sync with the present active editorial board of DDP, and it has become time for us to officially part ways.

I’d like to thank the crew here, both the author/editor community as well as our active, articulate, curious, and moving commentariat for the support, feedback, education. And for your precious trust as you shared your stories with me in response to some of my own.

I will continue/resume writing at rosiefranklin.net. I hope to see some of you there.


black and white, woman, looking down

photo credit: Jessica Keener Photography takes excellent portraits.