Content note for police brutality against people of color

Hello dear disrupters!

Based on the DDP goal of not just writing things worth reading, but also of finding ways that we as a community can take action, we are starting a new series called “Promote a Petition.”

You would be surprised how much you can do (seriously) with the click of a button.  Petitions through and other forums have helped bring about legislation to help people with Down’s syndrome become more financially secure, bring an Afghani interpreter’s family to safety, and got the LEGO company to agree to produce a series of female scientist lego-people, to name a few.  Something about knowing that you are being watched makes people act more ethically — even a picture of eyes on the wall can do the trick.  Signing your name onto one of these bad babies we’re going to start highlighting does just that: it sends a message loud and clear to the target of the petition that you, and the thousands of others you join your voice with, are watching.

So without further ado, I present to you the first in our Promote a Petition series.  Remember that time when a white New York City policeman choked an unarmed, harmless black man to death while he begged to breathe and then didn’t attempt CPR and then that policeman was not indicted because it’s apparently not a crime if you murder a black person?  Yeah.  Let’s pause and think about that.

Anyway, it turns out that a white policeman can murder a black man with no consequences, but if a black policewoman tries to stop a policeman (10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess his race) from choking a suspect who is already in handcuffs, she gets physically assaulted and then fired without pension.  This. shit. is. real.

What’s also real is this petition.  The count as of this posting is over 126,000 signatures, and your signatures can push that higher.  Sign it.  Like, now.  Seriously.  Get your name on there and let the New York State Comptroller know you’re watching and that this needs to change.